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    thePAY Vision & Mission

    thePAY started as a mobile recharge service in 2010 and has achieved steady growth ever since. Our vision is to provide convenient and accessible mobile payment solutions to users around the world. Our mission is to continuously innovate and improve our services to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

    • 2023

      thePAY has achieved the top position (No.1) as a mobile recharge application in South Korea, with over 500,000 app downloads.

    • 2021

      Update of biometric authentication for secure payment and easy payment systems.

    • 2020

      Introduction of thePAY SK International Call 00301 service and WeChat payment option for Chinese customers.

    • 2018

      Development of overseas mobile recharge services from over 20 countries, collaborating with the foreign telecom providers and online gaming platforms.

    • 2017

      Recruitment and screening process for the representative customer service team of 11 countries for thePAY (English, Cambodia, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Mongolia, Thailand, Vietnam).

    • 2016

      Launch of 'thePAY', a mobile recharge service app exclusively for foreigners (Android, iOS).

    • 2014

      Developed Korea’s first prepaid phone charging solution. (010pay service launched for stores)

    • 2013

      Development of spam message and call blocking-app, KT WhoWho app. Achieved 10 millions app downloads.

    • 2012

      Supply and maintenance of MVNO billing solution for 알뜰폰 service providers (SK, KT, LG affiliates).

    • 2008

      Launch of Hi070 internet calling service, relocation to new headquarters in Gasan-dong.

    • 2003

      Development of VoIP billing solution for internet international calls, with ongoing supply and maintenance for major telecommunications companies.

    • 2000

      Establishment of Telecentro Co., Ltd.