international call

 -How to call international call-
After recharge, please try to call as the following each step.

1. Click "thepay" app

2. Click "Call(International/Korea)" button.

3. Click "rate" to check each country rate

4. You can see your country rate and min.

5. You can search all country


6. You can check international call balance.


7. Click "Select Nation"

8. Search country and click country

9. Type Tel number and Click ""call"" button.

10. You can see auto dialing to connect.

[Additional sevice - kt the+00796] - Call without APP

◇International call: 00796+Country code+Tel No.
◇Korea call: 
080-33-00796+SEND ->ARS->Tel No+#
◇Change Language: 00796+SEND->18+#
◇Check card No: 00796+SEND->77+#
◇Move balance to new card: 00796+11#+ New card No +#
◇Check balance: 00796+SEND->14+#


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Any other question feel free to contact us.